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Ironhack Day 4 - Enter JavaScript

Ironhack Day 4 - Enter JavaScript

I mean, the title says it all, right? JavaScript is here

The first few lessons of this module are basically covering the material from pre-work again, which explains the fast pace - a concept that took me multiple days to even grasp is now finished after half an hour of talking about it (with plenty of explanations and checking in with the students, mind). For comparison, the CSS lab took me a few hours while some of my classmates really struggled - probably because they didn't have the luxury of weeks of practice beforehand.

So after HTML and CSS came the c̶a̶r̶p̶e̶t̶ JavaScript

carpet - are you mental*?

Just a joke. I read somewhere that the Java in JavaScript has as much to do with the car in carpet

Basics galore - and I mean basics. The Foundations. The rock we stand on. We talked about variables and how to assign them, we talked about operators and what to achieve with them, as well as primitive data types in JavaScript.

We also slightly touched the surface of objects and how to access and create properties for said objects. That is a topic that I so far have not grasped to a degree where I would say I am totally comfortable (if that is ever the case…), but what we covered on Day 4 regarding objects, I felt pretty comfortable.

Speaking of objects, our instructor also talked about the Heap and the Stack, and entered the field of Computer Science (a teensy little bit, at least). Which was really interesting because I tend to forget that the computer doesn't just do things and spit back results out of thin air. All the computations have to happen somewhere, and the variables need to be stored, and objects need to be referenced. For what it's wort, I think it was explained pretty well how an object can not just be newly re-assigned the same way certain variables can, and also, WHY that isn't the case. And how you actually can change an object.

So overall, very fundamental stuff and also some deeper insights today. And I almost feel repetitive saying it - but it was just great fun!

*I'm channeling my inner Ron here.