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Ironhack Day 3 - Responsive Design Galore

Ironhack Day 3 - Responsive Design Galore

The first Saturday of class - meaning six hours of input on Responsive Design, Flexbox, Advanced Selectors and whatnot.

Thankfully, I came prepared - I mean, a few months of Odin Project were a TREMENDOUS help here. I don't think I could have grasped this much fundamental material in the short amount of time that a seemingly long bootcamp day is (let's keep in mind that the full-time version of this course has 8-our-days).

Despite the tons and tons of material the pace and tone and everything was still pretty relaxed and playful, the instructor and TA's are incredibly engaging people. While at times the info is just being thrown at you, I haven't had the feeling (yet) of being overwhelmed or left to my own devices. There's enough checking in and enough working on your own.

Communication with the rest of the class is done via Slack, and I'm happy that a lot of us make use of this tool to actually ask stuff and present problems and share cool things (like, how did I not know about freaking Codewars??).

And then it was practice.

And more practice.

So many website clones. Thursday's labs were to clone a little recipe page - just a few font-styles, list-styles etc. I opted to also do the extra lab, even though I was not super in the mood for it (still stayed up late bound to the screen because it just sucks you in!)

Saturday's homework (I had a sneak before) comprised of another website clone but including multiple media queries. I'm glad I started on that before, because it took me HOURS. I was a bit worried because I took so long (overall at least five hours) - but my doubts were alleviated because "that's the process" - you put in the work, and it looks nice, done.

And so after I was done with THAT I did another extra lab. I don't want to come off as "that person" but I just want to practice as much as I can when I can, and when it doesn't send me into a rage fit just looking at the task, why not do it?

So, to wrap up a whole day of studies plus several hours of mostly nitty-gritty CSS work - I had a ton of fun and felt that I made some serious progress in internalizing the fundamentals. I mean, the goal is to look at a design and already form an idea in your head of what you will use to achieve it - wrap these two things here, maybe some different positioning, fire up the Dev Tools - in short: the works. And the way there is paved with practice.

And right now that's what I'm here for.

PS: That Codewars thing was a right find. Kata (that's what the exercises are called there) number 2 opened my eyes to super "basic" stuff like: passing a number to the .toString() method with a radix of 2 will return a string in binary. What.