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Ironhack Day 2 - Cloning (the Git kind and the CSS kind)

Ironhack Day 2 - Cloning (the Git kind and the CSS kind)

Sometimes it's really surprising how three and a half hours can just blast by - you sat down a minute a go and suddenly it's 10 pm.

Today's class was again more of the basics, but much more hands on. I mean, we got our info on more things CSS but also got into the inner workins and confusions of Git.

And I mean that - Git has always confused me a bit as soon as it goes into branching and more branching and at some point you don't even know where you are any more. But the more we all talked and listened about it, the more I understood the meaning of a pull request.

So far, the only person committing code to my projects was me. So I of course didn't make PRs to myself, I just pushed everything to the main branch.

And when I (like I did in the past few days) try to convert a JavaScript file to a Typescript file by just ripping the JavaScript out of the script-tags, and making a new branch where I set up typescript and the necessary linters and what not and then throw the JS code in to annotate - chaos ensues. Cause I actually do not know what I am doing. And then there's a bunch of warnings for stashing and merging and - I think you get it. I don't have enough experience with the actual use of a branch (because I'm by myself and because I can work on my codebase locally, cause that's where it lives), and so what I end up doing is reverting everything and deleting the branch and setting up a whole new repo separate from the original one where I can play around with stuff.

So there's room for improvement.

Today we also started on labs, i.e. homework. Basically the TA's got us set up to fork and clone our way to get our assignments, and then we coded a bit in pairs (but not pair programming) and got to know each other a bit better. The assignment was a simple website clone, but to be honest: without some technologies like Flexbox I was a bit stumped at first how to, you know - center things. But I think I did okay.

So overall: happy, engaged, looking forwared to way, way much much more.