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Ironhack Day 1 - The Basics

Ironhack Day 1 - The Basics

So this was my first day of

  1. any bootcamp ever
  2. a three hour remote class
  3. freaking Ironhack Web Development Bootcamp

Sure, it was "just" covering the basics - anything from HTML tags to CSS as well as some super fundamental JavaScript stuff - but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I mean, I had waited for this moment for quite some time; and this was the perfect start. Getting to know everybody a little bit better (a super diverse group with lots of different backgrounds and stories of why they were there and what they want to accomplish), getting to understand how the whole process around class and labs will work (i.e. homework, either by yourself or in pair programming) and then, yeah, a quick dive into HTML and CSS.

We heard about tags and selectors and whatnot, basically things that I had to elicit from a O'Reilly book over the course of probably three weeks beforehand. Our instructor also had some neat VSCode tricks I hadn't figured out yet myself, so that will come in handy.

Sitting in class from 6.30 pm is not really something I am used to, so at some point (maybe after an hour and half) I kind of drifted off - thankfully our cat had climbed onto my lap earlier and had now decided to get me alert with some nice bites and scratches (maybe I, well, sat wrong all of a sudden? Who knows). After some getting used to the time and listening to someone talk for a few hours I think this won't be a problem (and I know I can count on my cat to help me out) - especially since the topic is something I am very, very interested and, I would say, passionate about.

So that was my first day and my first impression of the whole part-time class thing. Can't wait for Day 2!